Google’s New Publisher Plugin for WordPress

Google Publisher Plugin for Wordpress

Google have just released a WordPress plugin which allows bloggers to access Google’s tools without leaving the WordPress platform. The plugin, called ‘Google Publisher Plugin‘, currently includes AdSense and Webmaster Tools support, but it is expected that they will add more functionality soon.

The plugin is still in beta, so some people are experiencing bugs, but I’ve had a very quick play around with it and it seems to work perfectly, although the functionality is still very limited. Read more

Brands Successfully Live-Tweeting TV – Great British Bake Off

Great British Bake Off Bingo - Telegraph

I recently, along with the rest of the UK it seems, became mildly obsessed with The Great British Bake Off and following the #GBBO hashtag on Twitter whilst watching it became a regular habit. It’s not just me though – as the amount of people tweeting whilst watching TV continues to increase, brands are also making the wise decision to get involved in the current live-tweeting phenomenon. Here are a sample of some of the brands who successfully took advantage of the popularity of Bake Off (the final in particular) to push their products and promote their brand. Read more

Blank Ad in the New York Times

Words Are Life - The Book Thief New York Times Ad

Something we always talked about when I was at university studying advertising was how to get clients to agree to run very simple ads. The problem being that clients want to feel like they have got their money’s worth and if you present them with a white page with simple black text on, they are going to think their agency hasn’t put any effort in, regardless of how clever and engaging that text might be. Read more

7 Creative Scrollagraphics to Inspire Your Content


Since the entire SEO world and his mate decided to jump on the infographic bandwagon, there have been thousands of the damn things created on every topic imaginable. Since the vast majority of them aren’t worth a second look, people started moving on and creating interactive infographics, or ‘scrollagraphics’. These tend to use parallax scrolling effects created with CSS to animate the information being shown, instead of a simple, static image. In this post I’ve listed a few of of the best scrollagraphics I’ve come across recently. Enjoy! Read more