Sign This Petition to Ban Booth Babes from CES

no booth babes

I recently wrote about the use of Booth Babes at CES and why I believe it should stop and it seems someone agrees with me. Connie Guglielmo from Forbes has set up an online petition asking the CEA to adopt a dress code policy that bans the use of booth babes at CES. Connie has also written a great article with her thoughts on the Booth Babe problem, stating that the petition isn’t trying to ban the use of models at tech shows and conferences, but rather make sure the women (and men) hired are dressed appropriately, in a way which doesn’t alienate any attendees.

Sign the petition here.

Getting Your Business Up & Running on Pinterest

Getting Your Business Up and Running on Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pin-board, where users can pin images, videos and web pages that they find interesting. Pins can be grouped using boards, and users can Like and repin other people’s pins, as well as follow users or their individual boards to get updates when new pins are added. Popular categories include food and drink, DIY and crafts, weddings, home décor and fashion.

If you haven’t created a Pinterest profile yet, now is the time to get started – Pinterest has seen rapid growth in the last year, growing 786% in the UK since September 2011, and is now the third most popular social network in the US according to ComScore.  80% of Pinterest users are female and its biggest market is users ages 18 to 29. Read more