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We should all be aware of Pinterest and its growing influence on the social web. In some cases, Pinterest is even driving more traffic to sites than Facebook. If your site is image or product focused, then setting up a Pinterest profile is a no-brainer, but in order to make your pinning experience easier to manage, I’ve compiled a list of Pinterest tools to help you out.

This list of tools includes analytics dashboards, pin schedulers and influencer discovery tools, amongst others. What’s more, all of the tools listed are free! I hope you find them useful, and please let me know if I have missed any.


pinalytics logo

Pinalytics is a great little analytics tool for Pinterest. Searching for your chosen keyword allows you to view the most popular pins along with the number of repins and likes, as well as a number of other social metrics including Facebook likes and shares, tweets and +1s on Google. Searching users and boards can help you to find influential people within your space who might share your content.

You can also link Pinalytics to your Google Analytics account to see how much traffic Pinterest has sent to your site in the last 7 days, although this seems slightly unnecessary as you can easily see this in GA anyway.

Follow Pinalytics on Twitter for more info and updates: @Pinalytics


Pinalytics dashboard


pingraphy logo

Pingraphy helps streamline your Pinterest campaigns in a number of ways. You can create a custom bookmarklet to pin from any website, bulk upload pins to save time, schedule pins to go live throughout the day, track repins, likes and clicks for every pin, find the most influential of your followers and discover which boards and topics are the most popular amongst your followers.

Follow Pingraphy on Twitter for more information: @PinGraphy


What you can do with Pingraphy


reachli logo

Reachli was initially called Pinerly, but has recently been re-branded. It is another analytics tool for Pinterest which helps you create campaigns around pins in order to track views and clicks. Reachli can also help you promote the campaign to reach an even larger targeted audience, although this is a paid service.

The dashboard shows you monthly and weekly stats and allows you to drill down to view data on a pin-by-pin basis.

Follow Reachli on Twitter here: @Reachli_




pinreach logo

PinReach data is split into 4 separate tabs: Analytics, Boards, Pins and Influential Followers. Within these you are able to see some interesting data such as your most popular pins and boards, any changes in the amount of repins and likes you are receiving and a list of your most influential followers.

PinReach is also useful as a competitor analysis tool as you can view stats for other users as well as yourself, and the PinReach Score provides a good benchmark for comparing your influence against others.

Find out more from PinReach on Twitter: @PinReach


Pinreach dashboard


pinleague logo

PinLeague helps you discover your most influential followers, find which content from your site is being pinned the most and keep track of your repins, likes comments and other engagement data. You can track one competitor and 5,000 pins using the free account, although there are 3 more pricing levels, ranging from $29 to $99 per month for 10 competitors and 50,000 pins.

In addition, PinLeague lets you create marketing campaigns to target your top followers and pinners and then helps you track your success with detailed dashboards using the Audience Building Engine. This is a paid service with pricing ranging from $19 to $199 per month. 14-day free trials are available if you want to try the Audience Building solution out first.

Find PinLeague on Twitter here: @PinLeague


PinLeague analytics dashboard


pinpuff logo

Pinpuff is essentially Klout for Pinterest. Once you have signed up, Pinpuff gives you a Reach and Activity Score, which are based on how many people are following you, how much interaction your pins and boards receive and how much you interact with other Pinterest users.

Pinpuff also provides you with an estimate of the monetary value of your pins, the average cost per click of your pins and the traffic your pins generate as well as allowing you to compare your boards to see which have the most potential.

Pinpuff is available on Twitter here: @Pin_puff


Pinpuff stats


pinfluencer logo

Pinfluencer is another Pinterest analytics tool but it differs from the others in that it allows you to create Pinterest-based contests and track various ROI metrics. Pinfluencer also gives you the total potential reach of your contest-related pins and gives participating users an influence score, so you can find your brand ambassadors. Running a competition on Pinfluencer also helps you to see which of your content performs best, helping you shape your future campaigns.

Get more info on Pinfluencer from their Twitter feed: @Pinfluencer

pinfluencer metrics

Pinfluencer metrics


pinalerts logo

PinAlerts allows you be alerted every time someone pins something from your website. After receiving these alerts, you can identify who is most receptive to your content, contact them to say thanks, and then notify them when you have new content that they might be interested in. You can set the frequency of your alerts, from instant, once daily or once a week and you can use the tool on as many domains as you want.

You can follow the creators of Pinalerts on Twitter here: @Pinnable

pinalerts dashboard

Pinalerts dashboard

Have you tried any of these Pinterest tools? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments and please suggest any I might have missed and I’ll update the post to include them. Thanks!

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