Content Strategy Lightning Talks Meetup – 26/02/13

lightning talks

Last night I attended the Content Strategy Lightning Talks which was the second meetup I have been to organised by The London Content Strategy Meetup group. This one was held at The Book Club in Shoreditch and was different to the previous meetup in that there were 9 presenters who each had 5 minutes to present 20 slides – that’s just 15 seconds per slide! Read more

Using Prezi for Content Creation

how to use prezi for content marketing

You probably think you use enough tools and platforms for creating and sharing your content – Blogs, Pinterest, YouTube, SlideShare, Facebook, Twitter – but have you thought about or even heard of Prezi?

Prezi is a presentation tool, like PowerPoint, but uses an infinite canvas rather than individual slides and also has 2.5 dimensions (up and down, left to right and depth), allowing you to zoom in and out of your presentations. This non-linear approach makes Prezi a much more creative outlet for your content compared to simple articles or static infographics. Read more

Pinster – Review of New Pinterest Analytics & Scheduling Tool

pinster logo

A brand new new Pinterest tool called Pinster, featuring a comprehensive dashboard, Google Analytics integration and pin scheduling, promises to help you get the most out of Pinterest by providing actionable insights, rather than just data alone.

Pinster is currently in beta but you can sign up for an invite to be one of the first people to test the tool out. I have already spent some time with the tool and have written my review below. Read more

Interflora SEO Penalty Analysis

Interesting article on Interflora’s SEO penalty. Interflora sent flowers to bloggers in return for links and are now asking them to remove them. Good discussion in the comments – Are they just panicking or is it now a bad idea to send your products out for review?