Twitter – You’re Doing it Wrong

I love Twitter, but there are a few ways that people use it which annoy me on a regular basis.

Following Ridiculous Amounts of People

In my opinion, this is completely pointless. When I see people who are following thousand and thousands of people, I wonder how they keep up with it all. Then I realise they must mute the majority of it, but then what’s the point? If you don’t want to read what someone’s tweeting, then don’t follow them. Even if you mute sources so that posts from Foursquare or Instagram don’t appear and the useful stuff does, you are never going to be able to engage with thousands of people in any meaningful way.

twitter followers

Sure, you’ve got over a hundred thousand followers, congratulations. But if you are following the same amount then it’s blatantly obvious that most of these are just people who are following back out of politeness. It’s not impressive.

Scheduling & Removing Dates

First off, I get that people need to schedule tweets. I don’t have an issue with using it for time management. I do, however, have an issue with people using a tool to automatically tweet a random old blog post of theirs every 15 minutes.

The main reason I hate this is that in order to do this, people remove the dates from their blog so that people clicking on these old links don’t notice that the content they are being directed to is really old. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, but a few days ago I clicked on a link that turned out to be an article about the “upcoming” National Novel Writing Month which was back in November, and I just saw the following Tweet originally from way back in 2008!

old tweet

And what if I see a tweet about “Google’s Latest Algorithm Update” and click only to find out it’s a post about Penguin from 2011? That’s just mean.

Not Varying Tweets For Different Time Zones

Yes, you are so successful and popular on Twitter that you need to cater to all your international followers, but when you post the same article throughout the day, can you please change the text?

Firstly, reading the same tweet multiple times a day makes me feel like I’m going mad and secondly, it’s just plain un-creative. There is a very simple way around this too, just write something like “Did you miss this earlier?” or “From this morning..” as demonstrated by these lovely people:

repeated tweets


Okay, this is potentially controversial and I know I used a hashtag myself the other day BUT unless you are tweeting about an event or want to track a conversation e.g. #seslondon or #pinchat, I really don’t think there’s any point in using hashtags. I actually think I have hashtag blindness now.

hashtagsDoes anyone click on these kinds of hashtags? If you do, I’m sorry and I take it all back, but do you really?

If you do any of these things, I’m sure you feel like you have a good reason, but please stop. You are annoying me and everyone else. Twitter is supposed to be about conversation, and you are ruining it for everyone by shoving all your scheduled, repetitive, overly-hashtagged crap in our faces. Write something useful or funny and have a nice chat instead. Thanks.

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