Social Media is Perfect Fit for Topshop’s London Fashion Week Show

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Yesterday Topshop showed the world what a truly modern, forward-thinking fashion brand looks like by using an innovative social media strategy to promote their Unique AW13 Show for London Fashion Week. By posting content live throughout the day across each of their social media accounts, they created a seamless, engaging experience which attracted the attention of fans, bloggers and journalists across the globe.

The show itself was broadcast live over Google+ and their website, enabling fans from all over the world to watch the catwalk as if they were in the front row. There was also a backstage hangout before the show began, featuring interviews with bloggers, models and celebrities.

topshop live stream

Topshop Live Stream on Google+

An added bonus for those who tuned in was the model-eye-view footage from cameras sewn into the models’ handbags, which generated a lot of buzz on Twitter.

twitter modelcam

Tweets mentioning Topshop’s Modelcam

Topshop’s Twitter feed was updated constantly with photos and videos of the outfits and goings on from behind the scenes, as well as frequent retweets from followers and journalists. Topshop also engaged with their followers by asking their opinions and inviting them to tweet reviews for a chance to win tickets to next season’s catwalk show.

topshop twitter

Topshop’s Twitter feed

Topshop also made great use of Twitter’s new video service Vine, by posting a montage clip of the show’s finale:

Not wanting to exclude their fans who don’t use Twitter, Topshop also posted updates and photos on their Facebook page and created an official event, inviting all users to join them in the Tate Modern for the show.

topshop facebook event

Facebook Event for Topshop Unique AW13 Show

Instagram was also a key element within their strategy for the event as they posted photos of models, outfits and behind the scenes action, asking fans to follow them using the #topshop hashtag.

topshop instagram

Instagram feed

And what better place to post these photos and videos than Pinterest? Topshop created two new boards for the event, one for general London Fashion Week posts and another specifically for the Unique Show. Almost 300 pins were added to each board over the course of the weekend, reaching over 18,000 followers.

topshop pinterest

Topshop’s Fashion Week Pinterest Boards

Of course, all of this was complimented with their blog, which had articles counting down to the big event, as well as links to all their social media platforms so that fans knew where to find the content on the day.

topshop blog

Topshop Blog

I really love the way Topshop has embraced social media to promote this event as many fashion brands still rely on traditional media, like print, to increase branding and sales. The key point to take away from Topshop’s event is that engaging your audience should be the single most important aim of your social media strategy. If they had simply posted endless commentary, images and videos then they would have got noticed, but they wouldn’t have created the same level of excitement amongst fans and journalists which lead to a huge amount of publicity.

Topshop also built up the anticipation for this event by posting teaser content during the days and weeks beforehand, including the Facebook event invitation and Google+ updates. The story was then picked up on a number of high-profile blogs, meaning that when Sunday came around, everyone was waiting with baited breath for the live Google+ hangout and updates across all the platforms.

I hope other fashion brands can learn from Topshop’s example and we will start to see more fully integrated social media strategies, with highly engaging content being created and re-purposed appropriately for each platform.

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