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A brand new new Pinterest tool called Pinster, featuring a comprehensive dashboard, Google Analytics integration and pin scheduling, promises to help you get the most out of Pinterest by providing actionable insights, rather than just data alone.

Pinster is currently in beta but you can sign up for an invite to be one of the first people to test the tool out. I have already spent some time with the tool and have written my review below.

Set Up

Setting up Pinster is really quick and easy – it’s just a case of adding your Pinterest account details, domain and timezone in the settings menu, along with your Google Analytics profile, which is helpfully picked up automatically using your email address. Once your website details are set up you may have to wait a day or so for all the data to populate.


The main dashboard shows everything conveniently on one page and you can choose to view activity from last week, last month or all time.

pinster dashboard pin metrics

Pin metrics overview

At the top of the dashboard you will see an overview of your Pinterest metrics, including number of pins, followers and interactions, which is split out by repins, like and comments. If you have linked your Google Analytics account and your domain to Pinster, you can also see how much referral traffic Pinterest is sending to your site and how many conversions there have been from these visitors. Pinster also gives you a percentage increase or decrease from the previous week or month, which is useful to see how well you are doing over time.

I don’t have conversions set up on my blog, which explains the zero in the last box, but I know from looking directly in Google Analytics that I have had a large number of visitors from Pinterest, so it’s strange that these aren’t showing up in the dashboard.

pinster top pins

Top pins with interactions

The next section of the dashboard shows your top pins with the number of interactions for each. My pin statistics look a bit sad, but it’s spot on in terms of accuracy. Bear in mind this will only show pins that you have pinned directly, not anything you have repinned from someone else.

pinster interaction analysis

Interaction analysis

Moving on, we can see the boards, categories, days and times which have the best and worst levels of interaction. This is based on number of interactions – repins, likes and comments – per number of pins. This is pretty interesting and useful data to have if you want to try and improve your engagement and number of followers on Pinterest.

pinster actionable insights

Actionable insights

This section is what Pinster are talking about when they say they provide ‘actionable insights’ rather than just data. The English is slightly weird and it’s also kind of unnecessary since the interaction analysis section above tells you everything you need to know anyway.

pinster your site metrics

Your site pin metrics

Here we have an overview that shows how many images people have pinned from your website along with how many interactions those pins have received. As before, you are given the number of referrals and conversions from these pins but, again, the numbers seem to be much lower than what Google Analytics shows.

pinster most popular pins your website

Most frequently pinned content from your site

Lastly, the Pinster dashboard displays the most frequently pinned content from your own site, with the number of interactions alongside. This is something that Pinterest doesn’t currently show you, so it’s a great way to see what kind of content your audience reacts well to.

My Pins

pinster recent and scheduled pins

Recent and scheduled pins

Separate from the dashboard is the ‘My Pins’ page, which lets you see your most recent pins and any pins you have scheduled. Unfortunately, I cannot see any pins listed in either section so it would seem that it’s not working at the moment.

Adding & Scheduling Pins


Adding a pin

Pinster also lets you add and schedule pins, with the option to ‘Pin Now’, ‘Schedule’ or ‘Add to Queue’. The tool has no problem finding images from the inputted URL and I had no issues with it at all.

pinster scheduling tool

Adding pins to queue

The ‘Schedule’ option lets you choose a specific date and time whilst ‘Add to Queue’ allows you spread out multiple pin uploads throughout the week, giving you the choice to have them posted at any time, during the morning, afternoon, evening or night, or you can specify particular times if you prefer. Check boxes are provided so you can choose the days of the week you want to pin.


Overall, Pinster is a nice little tool with some really useful features, particularly the insights into which days and times are the best for pinning in order to get more interactions. I also like the fact that you can see the most frequently pinned content from your own site.

Google Analytics integration is a nice detail, although it doesn’t seem particularly accurate, and the recent/upcoming pins section seems to have problems too. This may be because Pinster is still in the beta stage, so hopefully they will fix these issues soon.

Pinster also doesn’t give you any information about other pinners or how to find Pinterest users who are similar to you who you can interact with. There are a few other tools which do this, although it would be nice to have all this information in one place.

All in all, if you are looking for a starter Pinterest tool which gives you a good amount of data as well as the ability to schedule pins, this is the tool for you.

Pinster is totally free, so if you want to get a beta invite and have a go for yourself then sign up here.

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