Weetabix Stereotypes Mums Just in Time for Mothers Day

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Brands often make mistakes on social media and most are rectified with a simple apology, but Weetabix saw some considerable backlash this week after an unfortunate tweet received a large number of angry replies from customers, and their reaction left a lot to be desired.

The tweet in question, which stated that there are “3 types of mums”, was presumably meant to promote Weetabix leading up to Mothers’ Day this Sunday:

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However, the reaction was obviously not what the brand was expecting. Every single reply to this tweet was negative, with Tweeters stating that it was sexist, lazy and reinforced negative stereotypes of mothers:

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The original tweet was posted on Monday, with replies coming throughout the week, but Weetabix took 3 whole days to reply. Plus, rather than address each individual’s response Weetabix chose to repeat the same stock reply to everyone, and not an apology in sight!

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It boggles my mind that people still think it’s okay to use tired, old stereotypes to market to mothers. What kind of woman wants to be lumped into one of three groups, as opposed to spoken to as an individual? Also, when something causes such a poor reaction from customers, the problem should be addressed immediately with an apology, not three days later with a weak attempt to keep people interested.

I can’t wait for the day when this kind of thing doesn’t happen any more. Until then, brands please take note: Stop marketing like we’re still living in the 1920s and respond to complaints properly.

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