Different Types of Pinterest Contests

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If you are struggling to understand how you can use Pinterest to boost your business, why not try running a competition on the platform? There are a number of different ways that Pinterest can be used to run contests, but I’ve listed the three most common types below to get you started.

Pin Parties

A ‘Pin Party’ involves creating a group board and inviting your followers to pin onto the board at a specified time. The board always has a theme, and it’s a chance to get your potential customers involved in creating something. Pin Parties are useful for increasing awareness and building the authority of the Pinterest profile itself, as opposed to the brand’s website.

A good example of a successful Pin Party is Project Nursery’s Dinosaur Nursery Inspiration board.

pin party project nursery

Although this example isn’t strictly a competition, it would be very easy for a company running a Pin Party to choose a pinner at random to win a prize for participating.

Pin It To Win It

This type of contest involves asking your followers to repin a chosen pin, usually one which promotes the prize and the competition itself.

The example below shows fashion blog called Refinery29 asking their readers to pin the image in order to enter the draw to win the featured leather jacket.

repin to win

‘Pin It To Win It’ competitions are good for spreading awareness of your brand or a specific product, since you can put your logo or website URL on the image you want people to repin. You can also combine ‘Pin It To Win It’ contests with the next type of contest to add an additional interactive element.

Create a Board

In a ‘Create a Board’ competition, users have to create a new board on a specified topic and pin content onto it in order to win. The pins are usually a mixture of promotion re-pins from the company running the contest and any other pins the user thinks are interesting or relevant to the subject.

Banana Republic’s pin below promote’s their clearly explains how their ‘Create a Board’ Pinterest contest works.

banana republic pinterest contest

This is probably the best way to promote your brand using a Pinterest contest since you can request that users follow you and create a board with a specific title, as well as repin a number of your pins, which vastly increases the reach of your message.

Of course, you don’t have the request that people follow you in order to win, and it might even put people off, so it may be worth testing out a few different, smaller contests before you run a larger one.

Have you ever tried running a Pinterest contest like the ones above? Leave a comment and let us know how it went and if you have any other tips for running a successful competition on Pinterest, we’d love to hear them.

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