Google’s New Publisher Plugin for WordPress

Google Publisher Plugin for Wordpress

Google have just released a WordPress plugin which allows bloggers to access Google’s tools without leaving the WordPress platform. The plugin, called ‘Google Publisher Plugin‘, currently includes AdSense and Webmaster Tools support, but it is expected that they will add more functionality soon.

The plugin is still in beta, so some people are experiencing bugs, but I’ve had a very quick play around with it and it seems to work perfectly, although the functionality is still very limited. Read more

The 50th Blog Post Theory

50th blog post theory

I read an article a while ago that talked about the idea that it takes around 50 posts before a blog is picked up by Google and starts to receive decent amounts of search traffic. Unfortunately I can’t find the article anywhere, sorry (If I find it, I’ll link to it). I decided to test this theory out for myself and, since I had just started this blog, all I had to do was keep it up for 50 posts and then see what happened! Read more

Ask The Ex-Googlers Anything Panel – BrightonSEO Conference 12/04/13

brightonseo logo

Last Friday I attended my second BrightonSEO conference where I saw a number of really great talks and panels. This year was slightly different as there were 3 separate presentation tracks with sessions split out by subject, with talks on data, strategy, content, link building and more.

I started off in the main hall where organiser Kelvin Newman welcomed us all and introduced the first panel of three Google ex-employees: Fili Wiese, Jonas Weber and Alfredo Pulvirenti.

All three members of the panel had gone from working in Google’s Search Quality Team to joining the SEO industry in some way or another, so their insider knowledge on link building and spam were much anticipated! Keep reading for my round-up of all the topics that were covered in this panel. Read more

Some of the Best April Fools’ Day Content from 2013

april fools day

You may not fall for any April Fools’ Day pranks any more, but the occasion presents a unique opportunity for brands to create some unexpected, off-the-wall content, which also acts as great link-bait for SEO too.

Here’s a run-down of some of the companies that are successfully using April Fools’ Day to influence their content strategy. Read more