My Bird Feeders Bring all the Birds to the Yard - #30DaysWild Day 1

Two weeks ago I moved house from a second floor flat in London to a bungalow in the countryside, and one of the things I was most excited about was having my own garden, mainly so I could set up some bird feeders. If you are following my posts for #30DaysWild, expect a few of them to feature birds! After unpacking my toothbrush and favourite mug, I searched Amazon for bird feeders. I ended up buying this contraption:


I read somewhere that if I wanted to attract lots of birds to my garden, I would need a few different feeders. Different birds like different foods, and they don't like sharing, so the one above is perfect. I also bought a kilo of Alan Titchmarsh bird seed, a pack of suet blocks and some peanuts.

I managed to set it up mostly on my own, but an electric screwdriver would have made it easier, and I did require a rubber mallet and a strong man to bash it into the ground.

Here it is, being visited by a blue tit:


They seem to like the suet blocks the best.


This is a coat tit:


A female sparrow:


A male sparrow:


I also had a visit from an adult and two juvenile starlings, although it seemed they were just passing through, as I've only seem them once.


I haven't got the tray or the water bath set up any more,as they only seemed to provide a platform to pigeons to sit and drain an entire feeder of seeds in one session. I also had a squirrel, even after I took the trays away, so I had to move the whole thing away from the fence.

A pair of magpies also make regular visits. They can't hang onto the feeders, so they fly up, bash into them to spill the seeds on the floor and then eat them off the ground. I think most people think of magpies as a pest, but I love them.