Cat Yoga at Lady Dinah's

This week I was volunteered to go to Cat Yoga at Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe. Despite having never done yoga before and being horribly inflexible, I thought chilling out with some kitties sounded like fun, so along I went. The format for the evening is an hour of yoga in the downstairs part of the cafe, followed by an hour of tea, biscuits and playing with the cats. My slot was at 8pm though and the cafe is a really long way from my house, so I only stayed for half an hour after the yoga.

First of all, the yoga was brilliant. I was kind of lying when I said I had never done it before, since I used to have a very basic beginners DVD which I did a few times, but this was quite a bit more advanced. Luckily, no-one there was a veteran so I didn't look like an idiot when I couldn't even stand on one leg for thirty seconds.

Having the cats running around and making nests in everyone's coats whilst you are trying to concentrate on holding a position is pretty funny. If you are looking for a really intense and calming yoga experience, then this is probably not for you. Highlights included seeing a kitten's tiny head poking around the stairs as I was laying on my back and Wookie farting as he walked past the instructor's face.

Despite all that, I did feel really calm and chilled out afterwards. Also, I am generally quite tense after a day at the office, but my normally painful shoulders were noticeably more relaxed. I also slept incredibly well - my fitness tracker confirmed I got 5 hours of deep sleep, compared to the 3.5 - 4 hours I normally get on a week night. If I had known yoga would make me feel so great, I probably would have started years ago!

After the yoga was done, and we'd had a quick rest and taken a few pictures of the kitties, we went back upstairs for some tea and biscuits. This lavender tea was lovely. There were also pots of rose, Earl Grey and English breakfast too choose from.

I'd been lucky enough to meet Alice the kitten and her sister Lizzie after hours last year when they were only about six weeks old. They've obviously grown a lot since then, but Alice's desire to climb on everyone and everything was still as fierce as ever. Lizzie had a quick go on the giant excercise wheel before curling up in a blanket for the rest of the night.

(Apologies for the bad photos, my phone doesn't like it when it's dark.)

I will definitely be going back, possibly after a couple of normal yoga lessons to help me get a bit more flexible in the meantime. Cat Yoga is on most Wednesday nights at 6.45pm or 8pm and yoga mats are provided. You can book your spot here. Thank you Lady Dinah's and the lovely instructor (whose name I have completely forgotten, sorry!) for such a brilliant evening!

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