Feast 2014 - An Afternoon of Alcohol & Acid Rain


On Sunday I attended Feast - A food festival at Tobbacco Dock in east London. I was kindly invited along as a plus-one by my friend Charlotte who got given free tickets. Thanks Charlotte! I guess this now makes me one of those annoying bloggers who swans about getting stuff for free... Anyway, I had a great afternoon. We arrived at around half twelve and it was fairly quiet, so we didn't have to queue for anything. The event ran from Thursday night until Sunday night, so I expect the Friday and Saturday were much busier.

There was a really wide range of different food and drink stalls, including a fair amount of gluten-free options, so I was a very happy bunny. After arriving I went straight for the booze. We both got this peach and vodka cocktail from Pontoon Cocktails, which was supposed to come with a lanyard so we could hang it around our necks like high-class alcoholics, but unfortunately they'd run out. Follow them on Twitter here.

Then we were enticed to a stand by a moustachioed man in braces, where we sampled a cinnamon liqueur called Fire Eater. It's great mixed with apple juice apparently, and we thought it tasted rather Christmassy. They also had a guy doing fancy fire tricks outside.

Then I wanted something that would actually quench my thirst, since it was a hot day, but instead of getting juice or water like a normal person I got a giant glass of alcoholic ice tea made by Harry Brompton's. It was so delicious I went back for another shortly afterwards, and added a shot of gin to it for an extra pound. What? The guy serving was convincing, okay? You can find Harry Brompton's on Twitter too.

At this point I realised I should probably eat some food. Charlotte got a black paella which looked amazing, but in the spirit of diversity I opted for something different and bought a channa chaat (chickpeas with various chutneys) from the bizarrely-named Horn OK Please - an Indian street food company. Everything on their stall was vegetarian and gluten-free, with the option to also go vegan if you wanted. Big thumbs up from me.

We then went in search for a non-alcoholic drink and found the little Monskhood Coffee truck outside. After seeing the incredibly high-end sign for "Acid Rain", I asked the nice (slightly batty) man what this mysterious beverage was. Rather than explaining, he decided to make one for himself and give us a taste. Turns out it was some kind of cherry/chilli/tobacco concoction with five times the caffeine of a standard coffee. He told us a full glass will keep you awake for 9 hours. After trying some and having our throats burned by the potent chilli mixture, it became obvious why this guy was so wired. It was nice, but definitely an acquired taste. Next time I'm in the mood for staying up all night (never) I'll try and hunt some down. Follow the lovely chaps from Monkshood on Twitter here.

We also tried one of these alcoholic lollies AKA "poptails" from Lickalix. They only had the strawberry mojito flavour left, but it was damn good and really refreshing, if a bit on the small side. You can follow Lickalix on Twitter and Instagram.

Time for dessert! First up was a mini meringue from Meringue Girls. They had loads of different flavours for just a pound each, and I chose a gin and tonic one because of course I did. It wasn't alcoholic, obviously, though it did come in a little boat, which was adorable. You can also find Meringue Girls on Twitter and Instagram.

Finally, we stopped off at The Marshmallowists, who make gluten, dairy and egg-free marshmallows in a variety of fancy flavours. They are pretty pricey, but a box of 6 makes a cute little gift for that awkward restricted-diet friend everyone has. Follow the Marshmallowists on Twitter here.

By about half one, the venue started to get much busier and a lot of stalls were selling out of things, but we were pretty full by that point anyway. I'd definitely go along again, if given the chance. Tickets are only £10 if you pay in advance and students can get in for just £8. For more pictures and details of the event, you can visit the Feast website or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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