Honest Instagram Week


Last week was unofficially 'Honest Instagram Week', following from my blog post about Instagram Envy. I wasn't actually going to do it but Charlotte was rather enthusiastic, so how could I say no? :) The idea was to be more honest about my life, so people don't think I'm constantly eating in nice restaurants and going to parties. As it turns out, I only managed to take 5 photos. Being honest is hard, y'all.

First up, my desk. I stare at this monstrosity for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Yes, my monitor is on top of a stack of Yellow Pages so that it's at eye level. Earlier that day, I spilled tea all over my mouse, but forgot to take a photo. Plus, I didn't want my colleagues to think that I was purposefully allowing a liquid to spread across my desk and onto various electronics.

This was after I had bought sushi for my lunch. It was raining and my new boots were hurting, despite a few weeks of attempting to break them in.

Leftovers. I tried to make it look really unappetising, although it was actually lovely.

This is probably the most honest photo. I love cheese. Like most people, I crave shitty food when I drink alcohol. In this case, a £1 tin of macaroni cheese that looked like vomit. I regret nothing.

I really wanted to get back to the gym last week after months of not going, but just couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. Having to get up early one day to go to Croydon didn't help. Instead, I consumed a lot of sugar.

Things I could have included, but forgot*:

- Four identical sets of sushi that I ate for 4 of my 5 work lunches.
- Three identical dinners of a sweet potato, apple, bacon and egg hash thing that I make when I'm trying to be healthy.
- Work jaunt to Croydon.
- Ten sweaty tube commutes.
- Sorting out my recycling, which included two empty wine bottles consumed almost entirely alone.
- The contents of my home desk which I cleared out and threw away, including about 15 broken pairs of headphones.

*Or didn't include because taking a photo would have been awkward.

Things I Have Learnt From Honest Instagram Week

- People will like a photo of anything if you put enough hashtags on it.
- Taking photos of boring things makes me feel very self-conscious and thus much less likely to do it.
- Remembering to take photos of all your meals is really hard when you eat the same thing virtually every day.
- Croydon is the worst.
- I really love cheese.

I think I will stick to only Instagramming interesting things, for everyone's sake. I'm sure no-one really wants to see pictures of awful food and sweaty commuters. Having said that, I do like the idea of carrying on the #HonestInstagram hashtag, which I definitely could have used this morning when I posted this photo of my local launderette's utter bullshit opening times whilst I stood outside in the cold for 40 minutes waiting for them to open. Bastards.

Hmm, maybe I am becoming more honest after all?