Instagram Envy


I've read a few articles about Instagram Envy recently, and the concept amuses me greatly. The idea that people are comparing their lives to the ones presented to them in their various social media feeds isn't surprising, but personally, I take everything with a pinch of salt. Yes, I'm bombarded by pictures of beautiful weddings, cute babies doing cute things and lots of tipsy selfies in fancy bars, but I know deep down that these things are not occurring every single day. No-one posts pictures of their child screaming bloody murder in a restaurant, or takes a tear-stained selfie the the day before their wedding when the flowers haven't arrived. No-one captures the memory of when they left their purse in the taxi with an artistically-filtered photograph.

I'm the same, of course. And I'm not suggesting for a second that anyone is or should be envious of me and my life, although at least one person has mentioned how exciting my life must be based on my Instagram and Facebook feeds. I've posted over 500 photos on Instagram and they're all things I wanted to remember, for whatever reason. Nice meals, events I've been to, presents I've been given, holidays I've been on, doing fun things with my friends and boyfriend... If you were to scroll through my feed, you may well get jealous.

But you shouldn't, because of course I only post photos of interesting and exciting things. I don't take pictures of things I think are dull, or things that I do everyday. Why would I? Why would anyone?

Did you know I actually eat basically the same omelette for dinner almost every evening? That I spend 45 minutes crammed into the sweaty tube, staring into somebody's armpit twice every day? That my wardrobe is damp and is making all my clothes mouldy? That I barely ever wear make-up? That I sometimes wear the same pair of socks two days in row because I don't have a washing machine and fuck hand-washing socks in the sink. Seriously, fuck that.

Probably not, because I don't want you to see those things. And that makes me feel bad, because those things are my real life.

Sure, sometimes I go to free gigs and parties, eat at nice restaurants, and buy myself a new dress or book as a treat, and I am not saying those things aren't amazing or that I shouldn't be thankful that I have the ability and income to be able to do them, but those things are not representative of my day-to-day life.

Therefore, I propose a week - let's call it "Honest Instagram Week" - where we all post pictures of our real, boring lives. The crappy sandwich we grabbed on our way-too-short lunch break. Our massive piles of washing and mouldy walls. Our awful commutes. All the spam emails in our inbox. Our depressing post-Christmas bank statements. Is the 5th-11th January good for everyone?

And, just to be clear, let's not do this to have a moan - god knows, such pictures would almost definitely get a load of #firstworldproblems comments - but simply to say "Hey, this is my life. It's great, but it's not perfect."

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