June - Paint, Ponds & Pretty Cakes


Don't worry, I won't do this every month, I just had a particularly eventful one this time. June started off with me running the Colour Run with my mum at Wembley Stadium. It's a 5k run around the not-very-picturesque industrial estate that surrounds Wembley, where powered paint is thrown at you at regular intervals. The only rule is you have to wear white. We ran it last year as well, and it was so much fun, we decided to do it again.

We walked round, as my mum hasn't run in a thousand years, but it wasn't an issue because it's not timed and there were people with little kids and prams and such ambling along with us. Plus, we got to enjoy the paint-throwing madness for longer. If there's one in your area, you should definitely get involved.

The following weekend I went on holiday to Lisbon for a long weekend. I was pretty annoyed when we arrived because it was pissing it down with rain, but the rest of the weekend was gloriously sunny, so I soon perked up. I ate nothing but seafood and did the obligatory sightseeing bus tour. I stayed at the Epic Sana hotel, which was a bit of a walk away from the main town, but the pool, bar and restaurants inside were amazing.

Last weekend - the longest one of the year - I completely knackered myself out. I had a very rock 'n' roll Friday night having my hair cut and watching TV, but on Saturday I spent the day at the Taste Festival in Regent's Park. I ate a load of amazing (free) food, drank a load of amazing (not free) drinks, got a bit sun-burnt and went home utterly exhausted with a bag full of delicious Mackerel.

On Sunday, my friend introduced me to Hampstead Heath Ladies' Pond, where I went for a very chilly swim with her and another friend. We watched a kingfisher dive into the water and catch a fish, which was super cool.The atmosphere was wonderful as well. It's rare to find somewhere where women can go and feel completely relaxed and uninhibited. I'll definitely be going back if the sun decides to stick around.

After the dip in the pond, we headed over to Leicester Square to the Prince Charles Cinema to watch the new Studio Ghibli movie. I can't say I enjoyed it as much as some of the other Ghibli films I've seen, as it was quite dark and serious. It's about a guy who becomes an aerospace engineer, but he ends up making bombers for the war. There's an earthquake scene near the start though that was surprisingly scary, considering it's an animation.

To end the month, I took my mum for afternoon tea at Browns Hotel. It was a Christmas present that we've been saving until the weather got nicer. I chose this place because they offer a gluten and dairy-free option, which is great for awkward sods like me.

For £40 per person you get unlimited pots of your chosen tea, sandwiches, cakes and scones with jam and cream, followed by a big slice of another cake off a trolley. I got a scoop of sorbet as the GF/DF option. I've been there twice now, but would love to try somewhere else to see if the options are better or worse.

So, that was June. July will almost certainly not be as busy. I hope not anyway, I need a rest.