Kedington Open Gardens Day, 2015


Last weekend I visited the village where I grew up in Suffolk and on Sunday I attended what could possibly be the most village-y thing ever - Open Gardens Day. This is exactly what it sounds like, and I like to think that villagers opening their gardens for others to look around incorporates two of the most popular countryside past-times: Humble-bragging and being nosy. Only joking, it's great and everyone is lovely :)

It rained really hard in the morning so the sky was a bit dull, but I got some nice pictures...

Some poppies by the river, which were unfortunately no longer in bloom.


My old primary school now has a vegetable garden and greenhouse (they are growing grapes!) as well as a little rasied bed 'alpine' garden, which is the home of this lovely pink flower.

Alpine Flowers

Here's their tool shed.

Garden Shed

I'm so jealous. Although this vegetable garden is where the swimming pool used to be when I attended over 20 years ago.

Here's a nice bright fern next to a pond.

Pond Fern
purple Flowers

I don't know what these purple flowers are called, feel free to enlighten me.

Unknown Flower

Or these...

Hanging Basket

This house has tons of beautiful hanging baskets, mostly full of fuscias.


The owners of this house also leave food out for badgers and foxes and then film them at night, which is brilliant. Wish I had a garden :(

And finally, this little chap was found in my grandparents' front garden, which wasn't part of Open Gardens Day, but I've included it anyway because he is so lovely.


I'm hoping I'll have a macro lens by next year, I couldn't really get as close as I wanted to anything.

All my photos are on Flickr if you want to see more.