Lettuce Seedlings - #30DaysWild Day 9

Day 9! I've not really been outside for the last couple of days because of this fella:


He's called Robin and we adopted him yesterday. So far he's mostly been hiding in his box because he's very timid, but he's the sweetest cat in the world and we both adore him. He's not really wildlife, but I'm including him anyway because he's gorgeous and because I can.

Anyway, the seeds I planted in my vegetable planter have sprouted! Big thanks to mother nature for the lovely combination of blazing sunshine and heavy rain.

I honestly can't remember what these are, but I think they are some kind of lettuce and spinach.


And here are some of the wildflower seeds I sprinkled over my flower beds a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what they'll turn into, but I'm excited to seem them grow!