Life Drawing (Feb 5th)


Last Thursday I braved the cold once again and made my way to another life drawing class, with mixed results. This is the only 2 minute drawing I am sharing as the others were not too great on account of my being slightly late and a bit flustered at the beginning.

Fairly please with this 10 minute one, although I completely chickened out of doing her face. You can see from the smudges that I attempted it and rubbed it out, because it was so bad. I did manage to fit her all in though.

This was a 20 minute pose, and I actually managed to fit everthing in, as well as draw a face, and make an attempt at doing hands and feet, hooray! He looks a bit like an old Johnny Vegas. This was not my intention, nor does he look like that in real life, but you don't know that.

Another 20 minute pose. This one did not go well. I don't really know why, I just don't like it. Too many scribbles I think. Again, I didn't do her face either. Bleh.

This was my favourite, and my best one of the evening, I think. This was the 45 minute pose and I am happy with all of it expect the fact that I couldn't fit his whole foot in. I didn't finish his pillow either, but I quite like it like that. I actually rushed his face right at the end because I really didn't want to leave it blank, but I think it turned out okay and not as cartoony as the other one. It helped that he had his eyes closed.

Also, the guy sitting next to me spent the whole two hours drawing feet, which I thought was probably something I should do, but with hands as well. And faces. Plus, I would like to give a shout-out to the guy sitting on the other side of me, who was clearly so uncomfortable drawing a large naked man that he spent 40 minutes drawing the pattern of the rug that the woman was sat on. Don't think I didn't notice dude. Also, bring your own rubber next time, thanks.

If you are around the Covent Garden/Leicester Square area on Thursday nights from 7-9pm, then come along! Details here.