Life Drawing (Jan 29th)


After a few weeks of clicking the "I'm attending" button in Meetup and then not actually attending, last Thursday I finally managed to get myself to a life drawing class. The last one I went to was at college (Ten years ago. What.) where half the room would sit and snigger (BEWBS!) so it was nice to be surrounded by adults who actually wanted to be there. This class was untutored as well, so I could do whatever I wanted and didn't have to show anyone my work, which was a nice way to ease back into something I haven't done for a long time. Also, free tea and biscuits. Excellent.

So, here are most of my drawings, minus two which were crap.

This was one of the warm-up poses, which lasted 3 minutes. I was quite pleased with this, since I tend to focus on shading and am not brilliant at getting shapes right first time.


10 minute pose. I'm not great at hands, but I like how his knees and arms turned out.


20 minute pose. This is my favourite of all the drawings I did, although I couldn't fit her feet in and her head didn't come out great (cropping is my friend).


20 minutes pose. This was the same length as the one above, but I didn't get around to doing much shading since it took me much longer to get his legs and arms right. Pretty pleased with the face too, although I ran out of room at the edges to do the hands. Would have loved 10 more minutes on this.


45 minute pose. Fairly happy with this, apart from the face which I rushed as time was running out. I managed to fit her all in since I had more time to plan it. I did a couple of attempts before finally getting it right, so the extra time definitely helped.


I shall definitely be going again, so here are my aims for the next few weeks:

  • Get better at planning so I can fit everything on the page
  • Get better at hands
  • Get better at faces

Details of the class are here, if you're interested.