Modern Calligraphy Workshop With Quill London


On Sunday I tried my hand at calligraphy, with varying results. The workshop was organised by the lovely Lucy Edmonds of Quill London and taught by the very talented Imogen Owen. We were learning modern calligraphy, which is slightly different to traditional calligraphy in that we were encouraged to play around with the sizes of the letters, varying them to make the words look more interesting. This didn't make it any easier though.

The class lasted 2.5 hours, from 2.30 until 5pm and we were given a pen, nib, pot of ink and stack of paper which we got to take home with us at the end.


First off, we practised basic lines, circles and squiggles, pressing harder on the down-strokes to make thicker lines.

Here's Imogen showing us how easy it looks after 3 years of practising.

(Spoiler: Very, very easy.)

Then we used thinner paper and traced over the alphabet. This was probably the easiest part, although I still completely messed up the small 'k', as you can see. My brain kept reverting to my normal handwriting, which is not particularly neat.





Then the training wheels were off and we had to draw the letters without any help. It was at this point my hand pretty much lost the ability to differentiate thick and thin lines, and so I just ended up drawing swirly letters. It was brilliant fun though!





Then we had cake and rested our hands for a little while.





Then we wrote our own words. Rather optimistically, I decided to write 4 words: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Imogen taught us how to break down the words into pairs and figure out how to join them together in a nice way.

By the end I had nailed the capital 'S', but not much else. I really struggled to press hard enough to make the thick lines any different from the thin ones, but I guess it all comes with practice. The sheet below doesn't look too bad though.





The above was about my 4th sheet of paper. The first 3 are really not worth showing you! Practice makes perfect :)

I had a really great time at the workshop and was really pleased with what I managed to create by the end of the 2 and half hours. I think the class was just the right length and difficulty to get us started and then encourage us to practice more at home. I know I'll definitely be doodling words all weekend.

You can find out more about Quill London here and book a modern calligraphy workshop here.

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