BIG NEWS! My Book is on Unbound!


BIG NEWS! My book is live on Unbound!

It's called The Fox of Richmond Park, and you can read more about it, and an extract, on my campaign page here.


"But, what is Unbound?" I hear you cry!

It's like Kickstarter, but for books. Writer pitch their stories and if Unbound like them, they put them on the site with a crowd-funding target. People (you!) can then pledge an amount, which offers you various goodies, like your name in every edition, artwork, or your name as a character. Everyone gets a copy of the book too. When it hits the target, it gets published. If it doesn't hit the target in 90 days, it doesn't get published and you get your money back.

The initial target amount covers the costs of editing, cover art, publishing, etc. but once published, the profits are split 50/50 between the writer (me!) and Unbound.

Basically, it's a risk free publishing model for both the writer and the publisher, which gives the writer a better deal in the long run. With a standard publisher, a writer would only get about 10% of the profits, and self publishing involves the writer paying for editing, cover art, etc. With Unbound, the book is only published if there is sufficient interest from readers, so they know whether it will sell before it's even made. Clever, eh?

The Fox of Richmond Park will be an ebook only, but if it sells well then it might get made into a proper book.

Unbound has published books by Robert Llewellyn, Katy Brand and loads of other actual famous people, so this is a PROPER BIG DEAL.


"How the hell did this happen?" I hear you ask!

Well, I wrote a book about 2 years ago, but did nothing with it. It was fun, but I didn't love the story enough. Then I started a second book, but never finished it. Then I started another book (this one) and saw that Unbound were asking for submissions. Since I'd already written enough words, I just wrote a quick bio of myself and sent it, then immediately forgot about it. I didn't really think anything would happen, since I'm not a proper writer or anything.

Then, about 3 weeks later, I got an email saying my story had been accepted to be part of their digital list of ebooks! I replied to check they hadn't accidentally emailed the wrong person, but it turned out they did in fact mean me.

Then I had to make a campaign video, for which I enlisted the help of filmmaker extraordinaire Nate. I filmed the bits in the park one morning before work and nearly froze to death, then I wrote a script and Nate filmed me, before he edited it all together, complaining about it the whole time. I hope you find it mildly amusing, because it was excruciating to film. I cried. So please pledge and make sure I didn't embarrass myself for no reason.

Please Help Me!

Like with my painting, I only do things that I enjoy doing, so this book was really just for me. It's about London and the animals that live here, with a bit of politics and cultural commentary. Because I wrote it for myself, it's scary to think that other people might read it, but I am very excited by the prospect that other people might actually pay for it and enjoy it.

So, whilst the next 3 months will no doubt be very stressful, since I have to write a book, move house at some point, as well as work a full-time job, this is a really exciting opportunity for me and I hope you'll join me on this crazy journey.


Thank you!

(Photo by Olly Scott from Flickr)