My First Etsy Order!

I am very happy right now for a lots of reasons, but one of the main contributors to my cheery mood is my first Etsy review! A few weeks ago, after spending a lot of time adding new things to my shop, I got an order for a custom Mother's Day card. My customer sent me a couple of photos to choose from (which I won't share, since they aren't mine) and after one scrapped attempt, I managed to paint her and her mum pretty successfully, I think :)

I was really nervous about it arriving safely even though it was only going to Greenwich, but it all turned out fine and her mum loved it. Hooray!

My shop has only been live since December so I'm really pleased I managed to sell something so quickly, and the fact that I got to paint a custom picture for a special occasion makes it even better :)

I've not put anything new up in my shop recently because I've been working on something large which is taking ages, but I've got a lot of ideas which will hopefully find their way from my brain and into real life soon. Even so, if you like the look of what I do and fancy a custom picture of your own then give me a shout via my Etsy shop for more information.