Pelicans, Parrots & Poppies - #30DaysWild Day 6

Something a bit different today! I volunteer at London Zoo on Mondays, and although they aren't technically 'wild', they are definitely exotic, which is within the spirit of the #30DaysWild hashtag. I think. Anyway, here are some lovely blue and yellow macaws. When I arrive at the zoo at 8am before it's open to the public, these macaws are the loudest thing in the whole place.


I love the pelicans too, but this heron is brilliant. He hangs out with the pelicans and the penguins every day because he knows when they get fed. Free fish, no effort. He's a genius.


Note the lesser-spotted orange Fruit-Shoot in the foreground.

The zoo also has a small wild flower garden near the BUGS section, where I volunteer. It hasn't been looking great throughout the colder months, but since the weather perked up it's started to look beautiful. Here are some of the beautiful poppies.


If you find yourself at London Zoo this summer, take some time in between seeing the lions, tigers and penguins to have a closer look at some of the flowers and also go and visit BUGS, where you can see lots of very cool stuff - not just invertebrates! There are anteaters, birds, rats, frogs, fish and axolotls too :)