Starting a Vegetable Planter - #30DaysWild Day 2

Well, it's day two of #30DaysWild and I spent my morning filling up my new vegetable planter. I don't know if this counts, because it's not strictly wildlife related, but I'm counting it because it's garden related and the only other things I did today were putting together a dining table and hanging some pictures. My planter is from Wayfair, and I put it together a couple of weeks ago, but today my mum came up to visit and bought me a few vegetables and herbs to plant. I've got veggies at the back, lettuce and leafy things in the middle, and herbs at the front.

Here it is in all its current glory:


A tomato plant and some lettuce:




A pumpkin, another tomato plant and a chili pepper:


A sweet pepper with a courgette in the background:




I also planted some seeds in the gaps - spinach, rocket, mint and basil. I'm hoping it all grows a bit throughout June so I can post some before and after pictures. We shall see!