The Classic Car Boot Sale


On Sunday I took my mum to The Classic Car Boot Sale on the Southbank for Mother's Day, since she loves vintage things. Despite the rain, we had a lovely time and I took lots of photos :) Here are some of my favourites... Some very cool bikes.

An old milk float turned into a stall.

Milk Float

Browsing the vinyl.

Ladybird books made into notebooks. Not sure I approve of this. *Frowny face*

Ladybird Notebooks

Various soggy knick-knacks.

Vintage Knick-knacks
Green Poison Bottles

Green bottles.

Chemist pots. I would love to have bought one of these, but I don't think my tiny flat needs any more things to clutter up my already full shelves.

Chemist Pots
Chemist Pots

More chemist pots and bottles.

Victorian inkwells. I would love a few of these too, but I know they would just sit and get dusty. Maybe next year I'll have a use for one :)

Victorian Inkwells

Some Raleigh Choppers. My mum had one exactly like the brown one on the left when she was little.

Raleigh Choppers


There were also loads of classic cars about. I don't know much about cars, but some of them looked very cool with all the bits and bobs scattered around them.

Vintage Car

What's a vintage car boot sale without flowery teacups?


Old-fashioned greetings cards.

Vintage Greetings Cards

A very cool baby pink Chevrolet. This car was so long, it was ridiculous. Probably almost the length of two small cars.


Decapitated Barbie jewellery. Best use for them really.

Decapitated Barbie Jewellery

Toy dinosaur necklaces from the same stall. The baby hand collar necklace at the bottom is probably one of the creepiest things I've ever seen.

Dinosaur Necklaces

Glittery shoes and a sewing machine.

Sparkly Boots & Sewing Machine

And finally, my favourite photo from the day:

Lights & Roller Skates

I hope we can make it back next year when the weather might be a bit nicer!