The End. (The good kind.)

I realise I have been terrible at keeping everyone updated on the progress of my book, and that's because every minute of the last few months has been focused on finishing the actual book, which has been... hard.

But I finally managed to write 'THE END'.

Here is evidence:

The last few weeks in particular have been very intense. I was really behind and really didn't want to push my deadline back, so in order to make sure I was writing enough words every day I came up with a very basic solution, which is best explained by the picture below...

I usually aim to write 1,000 words a day, but it wasn't really working. Instead, I reduced my targets to 500 words and drew myself boxes to tick off when I reached each small milestone. It actually encouraged me to write a lot more. 

I also had to turn my phone off and put it in a different room, as well as using a Chrome plugin called StayFocusd to block the entire internet for hours at a time. First world problems, indeed.

But I did it!

I ended up with 85k words, then 84k after a quick edit. About 12k of that was in the last three days, which is ridiculous when you think that I started it in January. There's still a bit I know I want to change, but at this point I think it's better if I step away from it before I lose my mind.

Now it's in the hands of the editors, and I'm actually really looking forward to getting it back in a few weeks and seeing it covered in digital red pen. Eeeeeeek!

Big thanks to my fiance for reading it in its raw form and giving me excellent feedback, as well as putting up with me, particularly for the final three days.

And thank you to all my pledgers. There's still time to pledge and pre-order to get your name in the front - Just go here: (and then share with all your generous book-loving friends).