The Great British Bake Off Bingo Card (or Drinking Game!)


The Great British Bake Off is back! Hurrah! And what better way to watch the new series than by gathering your friends and family for a bit of shouting and maybe some moderate drinking. Thus, I made a bingo card - Because all the ones I found online only had a few squares to cross off, and I wanted to make a nicer one with pretty pictures of cake.

Behold! The Great British Bake Off Bingo Card / Drinking Game:

GBBO Bingo Card

Obviously, this is a small version and there are two cards so you can play against a friend, so if you'd like both the full size images (optimised for A4 printing) you can purchase the files from my Etsy store here for just 50p.

Even if you don't want one or don't like The Great British Bake Off (except of course you do, it's amazing) then feel free to tweet this anyway. In return I will send good karma* your way.

Thanks and enjoy!