Things I've Done & Seen - Autumn 2014

This week I have taken two days off work so I can spend a long weekend back home in Suffolk. I plan on doing lots of walking in the countryside, sitting in pubs and playing games, of both the board and Playstation variety. It's a much needed break after a rather crazy couple of months where I seem to have done at least two exciting things every week! I thought I'd post my photos of the highlights here, so enjoy...

20th September

I went back home to Suffolk for the weekend as it was my mum's birthday. On the Sunday we went to Jimmy's Farm for an amazing roast dinner and to stroke some tiny goats, but on Saturday we had a really lazy day and decided to wander round the village and pick the last of the sloes and blackberrys to make some sloe gin for Christmas, and a blackberry crumble for dessert that evening. It was raining and I got stung by a fair amount of nettles, but we found enough blackberrys to make a decent crumble, and the gin is sitting on my mum's shelf as we speak, waiting for when I come back on Christmas eve :)


25th September

I was lucky enough to be my boyfriend's +1 for a Bose event, where we got to listen Ella Eyre record a track via some fancy new headphones that Bose were promoting. I even got a free pair to take home, which was pretty great.


8th October

London Cocktail week ran from Monday 6th October for 7 days, so I spent an evening in Soho with my friend Rachel sampling way too many cocktails than are recommended for a week-night. Each bar that was involved served a set cocktail which you got for £4 after purchasing a wristband. The ones below were some of the nicer ones, as there were a few that were horrid. Chilli and tequila = yuck.


11th + 12th October

On the 11th I did a 10 mile charity walk with my friend Charlotte to raise money and wareness for mental health. The charity was called Clasp and, although unfortunately I didn't take any photos worth sharing on here, we had a great day and met some really brilliant people. They are doing another walk in May 2015, so sign up here if you fancy it.

The following day I was shattered and my boyfriend was gallivanting around New York, so I had an incredibly chilled-out day doing some drawing, which is something I hadn't spent any time on for a few years. I bought myself these fancy watercolour pencils and plan to try and do a lot more drawing in future, as it makes me happy :) I've posted some of my old drawings here too, if you want to take a look.


18th October

Yet another perk of having a brilliant boyfriend meant I got to attend Wired's Next Generation event. I saw some amazing speakers, including Andy Serkis (below), Rizzle Kicks, Ze Frank from Buzzfeed and Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut. Also, because the event was for kids, it was really inspiring to see so many young people getting exciting about science, technology and business.


19th October

From the Wired event, I jumped on a train straight up to Buxton, where my boyfriend grew up, arriving half-dead at around 11pm. I rarely venture up North (I'm told that's where the white walkers are), but I spent the day seeing the sites of Buxton, including drinking fresh Buxton spring water from a fountain and eating delicious scones in a beautiful tea room.


25th October

I had been waiting excitedly for the 25th October for about 6 weeks, as my boyfriend has told me he was taking me somewhere and that I had to dress up smart, but wouldn't tell me where or what we were going to do/see. Turns out he got tickets to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play at the Royal Albert Hall (all very Royal). Beforehand, we had champagne in the Moet bar, which we had to decant into plastic pint glasses to take them into the hall, which was amusing. The show was incredible. As you can see in the photo, as well as the orchestra there was a 300 person choir, some amazing solo singers and a solo violinist.


31st October

On Halloween I went to see Lena Dunham being interviewed by Caitlin Moran and also reading from her new book - Not That Kind of Girl - at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank. We received a signed copy of the book too. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm loving it so far. The interview was great and really made me like Lena even more, despite of all the crap she gets from the media. At the end, some members of the audience got to ask questions, and one woman brought everyone to tears as she told Lena how her TV show Girls had encouraged her to leave her abusive relationship. Afterwards me and Charlotte went for a drink in a nearby pub, dressed as cats. Because why not?


7th November

Friday the 7th November saw me at my third gig in a week. The previous Saturday I went to see my boyfriend's friend play in his band InME as part of the Nightmare Festival in Camden. During the week I saw a metal band called Tesseract at Scala in Kings Cross, and then finish off the week with another trip to Camden to see another metal band called Fleshgod Apolcalypse (below). Whilst not my usual choice of music, I generally enjoy anything that involves people playing instruments so I actually really enjoyed all of them. My favourite part, though, was the lead singer of Fleshgod Apocalypse drinking from a bottle of red wine on stage. Classy.


8th November

I was given free tickets for Just Like That - The Tommy Cooper show at the Museum of Comedy in Holborn. Charlotte invited me, since she is a massive comedy fan, and I was really impressed by the museum, which is tucked away underground and houses loads of props from old comedy shows. The show itself was great too - A young guy performed an entire Tommy Cooper show, impersonating him brilliantly. The jokes and magic were really old-school and slapstick, but still really funny, if you take it for what it is and not compare it to modern day comedians. I think grandparents and hardcore fans of Tommy Cooper would love it.

15th November

This weekend I saw Dave Gorman's Straight to the Point show at the Hammersmith Apollo, which was brilliant. I'm currently listening to his book Too Much Information, which is also excellent, despite being mostly him moaning about things. The show is done using Powerpoint and the highlights include a couple of 'found poems' created using comments from underneath articles about the Pope and Paul Hollywood. That probably doesn't make much sense, but trust me, it's hilarious. Go and see it if you can!


Well, that's it. I need a rest now.

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