Things I've Done & Seen - October 2015

I am so bad at blogging. When you sit in front of a computer all day at work, it's hard to force yourself to do more of it in the evenings. Oh well, I'm here now! Here are some thing things I've been up to this month....

Ant and Dec!

Okay, I didn't *meet* them, but they were in the same room as me, and they walked very close to me at one point, so that's basically the same. This occurred because I was lucky enough to get to go to the Childline Ball, which they hosted along with Claire Balding. After watching SM:tv Live religiously for several years during my youth (I used to record 'Chums' onto VHS tapes) this was basically my childhood dreams come true.

It was very fancy and 'takeaway' themed (because of their show Saturday Night Takeaway, which is apparently still on TV) so our dinner was a 'deconstructed kebab'.

Dessert was immense: An ice cream sundae free-for-all.

I didn't get drunk enough to shout "Geordie Jumpers!" at them though. It would have been weird anyway.

There's a video of the evening if you scroll to the bottom here.


My reading has declined since I started taking the bus to work because I get travel sick, but I managed to finish one of the books I got for my birthday - The Animals of Farthing Wood.


I watched the cartoon as a child but never read it, so it was nice to experience the story in its original format.

My one complaint: Needs more lady animals. "Rabbit and his mate", "Hare and his mate", etc. gets a bit tedious. That's probably why they made Adder female in the cartoon.

I am now reading 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin, which also has an accompanying podcast called 'Happier'.

The best way to describe it is a woman who tries 12 month-long 'life hacks' to make herself happier. She chooses a different area of her life each month, starting with health and exercise, then moving onto her marriage, etc. It's really interesting and helpful if you're like me and tend to let little things stress you out.

Loud Music!

Despite London's public transport network failing me spectacularly (took me 2.5 hours to get from Richmond to Camden) I managed to see Suffolk's finest band - Cradle of Filth - with the boyfriend.

Whilst not my favourite type of music, I firmly believe I've already been to the worst gig I'll ever go to (no names mentioned), so generally enjoy seeing anything that involves instruments and voices. Cradle did not disappoint me, as they had both in abundance, as well as skeletons on crucifixes and semi-naked dancing ladies.

We're going to the ballet in January, so that will be... different :)


I sold some things!

Firstly, little Janeway left me to explore new galaxies up north. Her new owner says she is doing fine and is still enjoying her coffee.

I also had an order for a custom engagement card, which is now one of my favourite things I've made so far.

custom engagement card
custom engagement card

Finally, one of my magpie paintings went to someone in the US.

That's all for now, but I've got a really busy November coming up - I'm selling my things at 3 different Christmas markets, so that should be fun!

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