The Fox of Richmond Park

If the Animals of Farthing Wood had lived in London and hated each other a little bit more, their story may have been a lot like this one.

The Fox of Richmond Park was accepted by Unbound to be published as part of their new digital list. Read my post about Unbound and the process here.

The book is fully funded but you can still pledge to pre-order and get your name in the front too.


Londoners are generally an optimistic bunch. A massive community of eight-and-a-half million humans, all just trying to find their own way amongst tourists, obscene house prices and artisan coffee shops.

But this is a story of one Londoner who just happens to have fur and four legs.

The ruling deer have always cast a dictatorial shadow over the other animals in Richmond Park. When they decide they want a change of scenery and kick him and his friends out of their homes, Vince the fox has had enough.

He's never left the safety of Richmond Park, but he's got nothing to lose anymore. Not since his ex-girlfriend left him for another member of the pack. His grandparents came from the other side of London--could he find their old home and create a better life? Will the capital's modern, mechanical, multi-cultural challenges help or hinder his adventure?

Following with a dream of finally experiencing the big city is Rita, an adventure-seeking magpie with an ill-advised love of singing. Vince agrees to let her tag along, as a pair of eyes in the air will no doubt come in handy.

Together the pair traverse London, helped by the urban creatures they encounter along the way: Soho's hipster rats, a power-crazed swan, and the occasional human.

Back in Richmond Park, Edward the alpha-stag is paranoid: if Vince's departure encourages a multi-species mutiny and the rest of the animals up-sticks, the deer's power over the park will be lost.

Just what has Vince started beneath the eye line of London's human population?